You get to work with a great team. Nuff said. Currently, we have 3 job postings available:

1) Resident Photographers

2) Sales and Marketing Executive

3) Glamorous Event Minions

Last updated on 30th June 2016


1) RESIDENT PHOTOGRAPHERS aka 'the storyteller'

Aww Snap covers events as well and we are on the hunt for photographers to join our team. If you are are passionate in your craft, do share with us your portfolio (in any form that best showcases your creative expression) and do let us know your expected remuneration (eg. rate per hour or rate per 6 hours, etc).

Do note that we are not hiring full-time photographers on a payroll. Gigs will come to you on an ad-hoc basis. 

If you're interested, drop an email with your portfolio and expected remuneration to with the subject 'Resident Photographer'. And don't forget to include a selfie so that we can place a face to your name!



This is a full-time job. You are primarily in charge of liaising with clients to see them through from their first contact with us to their post-event matters. You are also expected to be a rainmaker to seek deals either by way of establishing effective sales channels or by hustling your way to the clients' door. 

Multi-tasking is your forte and attention to detail is your second nature. We are not looking for machines; we are seeking independent individuals who are charming, persuasive, and hardworking. Your biggest reward? Clinching deals and the other small victories in your journey here.

Job Scope

  • Reply email/call enquiries
  • Convert enquiries into sales
  • Guide clients through event preparation
  • Ensure that service is rendered smoothly
  • Generate sales
  • Ad hoc purchasing of things we need
  • Some ad hoc art and craft (nothing difficult)
  • Maintaining warm relationships with clients
  • Misc functions required by the company


  • 10-7pm on Monday - Friday.
  • Be an event minion for at least twice a month, and when there are any ad hoc needs for you to be down at an event.
  • This is a full-time job, so we expect a responsible and committed team player.
  • Head down to selected events to network with clients

Requirements (this is no checklist, but they are indicative of what we are looking for)

  • Diploma/Degree or the equivalent
  • Experience in the service line/events space
  • Not a complete idiot when it comes to cameras and computers
  • A keen attitude to learn, adapt and improve oneself
  • Common sense (can't say how important this is)


  • Basic monthly pay + monthly bonus based on revenue generated from accounts that you handle
  • Reimbursement for late night transport

If you're interested, drop an email with your most spectacular resume/cover letter/portfolio to with the subject 'Sales and Marketing Executive'. And don't forget to include a selfie so that we can place a face to your name!


3) GLAMOROUS EVENT MINIONS aka the 'service ambassador'

Working hours
Based on timing and duration of each event (for a 2-hour event, you'll be committing about 5 hours of your time)
Applicants who can work on weekends are preferred

Job scope

  • Transportation of equipment to and from events
  • Managing photobooth and suggesting poses to guests
  • Getting guests excited to take photos; interacting with the crowd


  • Responsible, punctual individuals with good initiative
  • Ability to work independently
  • Sociable, energetic and likable
  • Common sense (can't say how important this is)


Are you the life of every party? We want you at our parties too. Drop an email to with the subject 'Minion Enquiry'. Tell us about yourself and include a selfie so we can get to know you better and attach your resumé. Students welcome.



Last updated on 30th June 2016