Our designers will work directly with you to produce your own backdrop and 5 illustrated props.


Aww Snap x ektory

We first worked together more than a year ago. Now we bring a little something special for you and your guests!


Pick a backdrop from our inventory and we are ready to go. Choose from close to 40 backdrops handpicked by us!


ALL PHOTOBOOTH packages include:

Unlimited instant filmstrip/4R printouts

A customized overlay to brand your photos

GIF-booth function (optional)

Paper photo sleeves

A delightful selection of props

On-site staff to guide your guests

An online gallery where your guests can download the original files

Original photos returned to you after post-processing



We are conscious of your budget

If our 2 standard packages don't appeal to you, talk to us and we’d be happy to customize a solution to suit your needs. But if you’re a spendthrift, enough with the wants and needs. Trust us, you’ll be a very happy broke.