Now what does 'B' stand for? B can stand for big; beautiful; bold or any other adjective in your lexicon that might fit the bill. Here at Aww Snap, some things are worth repeating. So here we have the Booth-booth. 


The B-booth is an (almost) enclosed photobooth suitable for brand activations, DnDs, your grandma's 80th birthday, your 7-day wedding marathon, you name it! 



The Aww Snap experience is for everyone. And that includes your little nephew or your chirpy grandmother. We make sure that the instructions are simple and intuitive so that they spend more time taking delight in their photobooth experience than fumbling around with technology. For the uninitiated, our ambassadors will be right by their side to make sure that they do not miss out on the fun!



Leverage on your guests' social media networks to spread the word about your cause or brand. Guests can post photos/GIFs to their social media accounts directly from our iPads. 

We can configure this feature to work with Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. For those who avoid social media like the plague, there's always the option of good ol' Email. For those without email, we are sure they will speak of the fun they have just had to their friends. 



A photo is worth a thousand words. A motion clip tells a story. Our app takes 4 consecutive photos at 5-second intervals and automatically strings them all up into a moving GIF. 

Need we say more?

Photo and sleeve.jpg

Customized photo template w/ UNLIMITED PRINTS

Feature your brand prominently on every printout. Our designer will work closely with you to optimize the use of the available space so that your brand's design elements complements your guests' photographs. No more clutter that does nothing more than distract your viewers from what is most important. 



If Freddie the flamingo is not your cup of tea, you can always customize your own B-booth for a fee. You can design them yourself, or we can have our designer do it for you. On top of that, you can customize your own lighted sign and have it at the top of the entrance, or on a side table like what you see on here. 

Grab the attention of your guests with your brand's visuals in ways you have never done before. The B-booth is more than just a photobooth, it is an exciting marketing tool for your brand. 


Want our B-booth at your event? Contact us now to get a conversation started!