Built with budget-conscious advertising campaigners and marketers in mind, the A-booth is a fully automatic, self-contained photobooth ideal for long-term engagements*. Designed with a very intuitive user interface that enhances user experience, the A-booth serves an audience of all ages (but still, help the infants ya?).

Let your guests revel in this addictive photobooth experience while you focus on your campaign.




20-inch touchscreen | Trust us, it's very addictive

DSLR camera | Yup, no less

Customizable start screen | Feature your branding here

Customizable exterior | And here!

Strobe flash | No problems even in pitch darkness

Unlimited instant prints | Guests love prints

Photo filters | Optional

Social media sharing | Optional


*As a ballpark figure, long-term engagements refer to those that are 20 hours and above.